Language is a bridge connecting people, business opportunities and cultures. When we can speak our mother tongue, we are free. When we can master a foreign language fluently, we grow to be independent. And when we are able to convey ideas and words professionally from one language to another, we become translators. If you need to have your documents translated, entrust this job to professionals who are liable for the quality of their work.

UAB Juzvertimai is an LSP established by a professional translator and interpreter with over 20 years of experience, including the EU documents translation projects. We work with due diligence and attention to details, always considering the customer needs and the market trends, which are constantly changing. Whatever it is that you need in the field of language services, we will be able to find a customised solution. Together. Today.


Professional translation of technical, legal, management documents, articles and marketing texts from English and German into Lithuanian, and from Lithuanian into English.

The standard rate is EUR 15.00 per page of the source text (containing 1800 characters incl. spaces or 250 words). The rate might vary depending on the source text and deadlines.

Interpreting (consecutive, simultaneous, and remote) from English and German into Lithuanian, and from Lithuanian into English. The standard rate is EUR 65.00 per hour.

Every text is unique and specific; therefore, customers can agree on the rates and terms for each order.

After the completion of the order, the quality of the translation is approved. If no claims are submitted, the invoice is issued with the payment term of 14 calendar days.

Would you like to get a quotation or order a translation? Kindly contact us by phone, email or fill in the enquiry form on this website, under ‘Contact Us’.

UAB Juzvertimai
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